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Did a 4 hour Easter baking season today, picture are following!

- chia rhubarb and apricot muffins
- orange seed crackers
- pomegrate rasverteller thyme jam
- fig and cardemom compote
- apple ginger compote
- apple & oat scones
- homemade buns

Together with some fresh fruits we’ll have a delicious brunch!

hi anna, could you list the reasons as to why people should go vegan? thanks :)


  • 56 billion animals are killed every year for their meat/fur/eggs/dairy
  • Watch this video here and here (I cannot recommend the first one enough)
  • It’s very possible to live successfully without animal products in your life
  • It’s ethical, and a step towards cruelty free
  • It’s sustainable
  • Studies show that incorporating more plant based meals into your life reduces your risk of heart disease and other lifestyle related diseases
  • "About 2,000 pounds of grains must be supplied to livestock in order to produce enough meat and other livestock products to support a person for a year, whereas 400 pounds of grain eaten directly will support a person for a year. Thus, a given quantity of grain eaten directly will feed 5 times as many people as it will if it is eaten indirectly by humans in the form of livestock products.…” M.E. Ensminger, PhD

Ginger coconut oats with apple, flax seeds, hemp seeds, mulberries and dried apricots along side fresh ginger green tea